A biography of the bronze sculptor M. Hopkins

For many years, we have been blessed with a working relationship with Mark Hopkins and his wonderful loving family. Mark Hopkins bronze sculptures are in every way a reflection of its creator. With a style so flowing and alive, it has been called "bronze in motion". The work is as passionate and expressive as the artist himself.

Mark Hopkins is considered one of the premier sculptors in the United States today. From tabletop sculpture to monuments, his work is displayed in homes, offices, and public settings around the world.

It has taken half a lifetime for Hopkins to achieve such prominent status. Even though for many years, there was mostly struggle and discouragement,  his heart was always rooted and dedicated to the work he knew he was born to do: bronze sculpture.

Mark Hopkins artistic ability began to develop early in his childhood, first with drawing and painting. Then, in his early teens, with the encouragement of a caring school teacher, he discovered sculpture. From the moment of that discovery, sculpture has been his passion. In the more than 30 years since, this passion has become a thriving professional career.