A biography of the Director of Art, artist and author,  Andrew John

Reverend Andrew John, now retired, has lived an adventurous life serving as Mission and Field Director for his family's charitable foundation as well as a counselor, and educator to the poorest of the poor for four decades in diverse cultures of the globe. It became a source of joy to uplift the hearts of the poor in third world countries by constructing clincs, chapels, retreat centers, and orphanages and educational facilities along with providing the inspiration of spiritual art for their sacred spaces.

His many years of University formation in America, Europe, and Asia focused upon balancing an integration of the academic disciplines of the arts, philosophy, psychology, theology, and spirituality along with apprenticeships with gifted artists. A principal goal of his was to discover innovative ways in creating spiritual art with a collaborative team of talented artists and artisans of varied backgrounds and cultures. In summary, the resultant art series focuses on fostering a spiritual awakening in developed countries while providing funding to continue projects for the poorest of the poor in undeveloped countries.

Now retired from years of serving the poor due to chronic seizures and the lingering effect of tropical illnesses from his work among the very poor,
Andrew John lives a simple life of prayer and continues to contribute works of charity for the ongoing healing mission of Christ in the diverse faith communities of the world. He continues to find lasting joy in challenging and mentoring others in the discovery of their artistic talents for the encouragement and development of the spiritual life within the hearts of the family of God. In this regard, his guiding daily affirmation will always be, "The journey of life is but a primary school, to learn to love as God loves… eternally."