A biography of the acclaimed challenged artist, Solomon

In the quiet splendor of Southern Georgia, the artist, Solomon grew up among the white clouds of cotton fields alongside the shadows of aging stately plantations. Carefully retracing the African American roots of his family tree, Solomon discovered that artistic ability was abundant. He recalls that amidst the crushing poverty of his childhood, every available scrap of paper was perceived as a potential artistic gem waiting to emerge with a few skillful strokes of a brush in hand.

Soon, Solomon was confronted with a harsh challenge as he attempted to begin his formal education. No matter how sincere his effort, he would never comprehend the written word. After years of shame and humiliation at school, a proper diagnosis was finally made: an irreparable form of learning disability, dyslexia. The ability to read and write, often taken for granted, would always remain a treasure untapped for Solomon. Rather than languor in defeat, Solomon's spirit rose to encounter this crucial challenge in his life. Eventually, each of his artworks in vivid watercolor became a symbol of overcoming adversity, a gift to inspire, his creative means of relaying a visual story of wonder and wisdom, literally worth a thousand words.

This gentle giant and affirming artist learned experientially a guiding life principle, that behind every obstacle there is always present an opportunity for personal growth
.  More significantly, what may appear as an irreversible personal flaw can become an invaluable lesson in life, and a means of helping others in dealing with similar stumbling blocks.

Solomon's artworks are now in the collections of churches, retreat centers, museums, corporations, universities of higher learning, and acclaimed artists and celebrities.

This artist's lasting joy, however, ever remains to bring hope to the hearts of the challenged child and caregiver.

Of note, Solomon was granted a full three year scholarship at the acclaimed Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida when the Director discerned and encouraged the development of Solomon's remarkable artistic talent.